Details of the SpyHoleGuard

advantages of the spyhole
In todays appartments a spyhole in the front door is the norm.
This fact has clear advantages: The sight through the door outside - even on the doormat - is necessary. You see who or what is in front of the door.

disadvantages of the spyhole
It has - like all things in live - also disadvantages:
The look inside is also possible, that means for interested people is also the insight into the appartment possible - even when microscopical.
This decoys criminal folks - they can proof if someone is at home or not.
Burglars search the appartment which contains no persons at the moment of the burglary. They search no confrontation with somebody but valuables which are unguarded. Therefor the spyhole gives them the possibility to proof whether the appartment is empty or not.

The guarding eye against burglars
A complement to the simple spyhole is the SPYHOLEGUARD. It creates, when attached to the inside of your front door (see assembly), light in your hallway ... with only a minimal consumption of current ... and letting no sight in your hallway from outside.
In addition to that it simulates motion in your hallway - making the burglar think, someone is at home. This way, burglars were deterret.
The capacity of the accumulator is minimum 48 hours. This suffices for short absence like job, shopping etc. For a longer absence the SPYHOLEGUARD contains a recharging unit, which on the one hand recharges the accumulator and on the other hand lets the SPYHOLEGUARD protect your home an unlimited time period.
The company GEIGE-INNOVATIONS warranties you a guarantee on all electronical parts of 2 years from point-of-sale. Of course the guarantee contains only the use like in the assembly described. A guarantee-card is included with further technical information:
recharging unit / adapter: 220V
accumulator: 9V
battery: 1,5V

recharging unit, accumulator 9V and battery 1,5V included

For further information please contact GEIGE-INNOVATIONS

Easiest handling
The assembly (see the site assembly) needs no bolts/screws, so your door is not damaged ... very important when you have a rented appartment.

This device was seen on tv at the german channel MDR and commended by the police of leipzig (preventive work / public relations).